Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Freezing rain. Icy air. Dismal. A good day for cocooning. American Idol was on tv - great to treadmill to. Instead, I hung laundry on the treadmill. As much as I savour the cold bite of winter air I lay in bed while the "mad cowell" was on (an apt title by P. Abdul, in my humble opinion).
Have you ever been tempted to buy something you've seen on an infomercial? I have. To justify this behaviour, let me first mention that I don't E-Bay (yet); I rarely purchase lottery tickets (except as gifts); I've never been to a casino. My excuse for remaining in bed is the yubisaki pillow (one of the two delightful packages I picked up from the post office today). It is everything the infomercial claims it to be; however, it's stress-relieving abilities do not work in the same way that bubble wrap does. When pressed between two fingers the little plastic thingys collapse softly. No pop!!! Considering the price of the thing, this put me in an instant panic. (Remember that I am still feeling the pain of the bank trauma - I am fragile). I rolled my head up and down lulling my cortex into theta.
After the nap I lept from bed. The rain outside persists; the fog inside has been removed.

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