Sunday, October 04, 2009

In My Absinthe

In my long absence much has happened yet none has been blogable.

I watched "Thelma and Louise" last night. Today I read of Wally Lamb's work with incarcerated women who write. Cruelty within the human genome horrifies me - specifically towards objects with no defence: animals, earth, children, those afflicted with mental illness, those who have offended. I believe society defines criminals and immoral acts; society is neither correct, nor fair; it is merely self-interested. Hence: overpopulation, pollution, extinction, imprisonment, torture, terrorism, excess, waste, addiction, religion. All are the result of attempts to soothe human angst. Recognize the beast within; see it in others; punish it in others; and, above all, relieve ones's own nauseating shame. The arrogance of the right prevails.

So, turn things around. Choose kindness, tolerance, generosity, self-restraint. Don't punish. Don't condemn. Walk away if you can't contribute, teach, conserve. You'll feel better about yourself and you'll make this planet a better place.