Sunday, January 22, 2006


Some Jobs I've Had

Parks and Rec Security: I was 16 at the Amphitheatre next to Lake Ramsey poised to radio police who were in the stands, should trouble stir. The worst part was handing crying kids back to parents who lifted them over the fence to avoid paying. The best part was enjoying the shows on stage with the other teen employees. We saw Valdy, April Wine, Rush and teen dances under the stars.

Tim Hortons: Again I was 16. This supplemented my income in order to buy make-up and records; the work was relatively regular. My best friend and I were hired. She was laid off. I watched pairs hired and singles fired - always the least efficient one. I quit the night before Mother's Day. I learned about good girlfriends and bad management.

"Orient" chinese restaurant: At 18 I stayed until 4 am on weekends. After closing the boss would share a meal with all employees while commenting on the service provided during the evening. During hours of operation, the manager greeted customers, worked the cash and watched the goings on, giving us helpful advice as the night progressed. Waitresses shared tips. Anyone could earn a nickel an hour raise by working better than on the previous shift - no ceiling. We all helped eachother to provide the best service and maximum tips. Everyone was driven home after work. I learned French service, teamwork and good management.

Le Petit Gourmet: I moved to the big city for a year and lived downtown in the time that living downtown was safe and fun. If people were in Toronto, they would come to the Eaton Centre. I'm sure I saw more people I knew from Sudbury there than I did when I was living in Sudbury. At the time, I was the least educated waitress in the place. I learned about wines, how hard-earned money can be and the value of education.

Some Places I've Lived

Frood Road, Sudbury Ontario
Lively (now part of Walden), Ontario
Grandview Blvd., Sudbury, Ontario
Alma College, St. Thomas Ontario
Hyland Drive, Sudbury Ontario
Residence, Toronto General Hospital

Websites Visited Daily

TV Shows

CSI Miami
CTV National News
Daily Planet
Nature Nut
The Daily Show / Politically Incorrect
American Idol / Canadian Idol


Brie Cheese and cream crackers with Chateauneuf-Du-Pape Fiole Du Pape
angel food cake from scratch with no topping
creme caramel made with Grand Marnier
crispy slow cooked pork ribs with baked sweet potato fully loaded
fiddleheads with butter and chicken breast roasted with lemon, white wine and tarragon
halibut but only at Old York
slow cooked steel cut oats with Organic Meadow milk and Manuka honey


Sinfonia Concertante in E-Flat, K.364 (Mozart) with Perlman and Zukerman / Heifetz and Primrose (for Stern and Zukerman, see below)
Isaac Stern - My First 79 Years
A Lasting Impression - Jacqueline du Pre (Daniel Barenboim conducting/piano)
Horowitz at the Met - Scarlatti, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff
A Boy Named Charlie Brown - Vince Guaraldi Trio
classic Kathleen Battle - A Portrait
Carmen - Callas, Gedda, Guiot, Massard,Sautereau,Berbie,Vauquelin,Pruvost,Maievski,Cales,Mars
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle 'round Midnight
Sarah Brightman - Eden
The Best of the Eagles
John Lee Hooker - The Best of Friends

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