Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I heard the dog growling and wrestling with something in the kitchen. An oven mitt had dropped from in front of the toaster oven. She didn't notice me when I came up behind her to retrieve it.
Next, dog growled and barked at the laundry bag. I remembered using an oven mitt - unsuccessfully - to protect myself from bites while trying to trim dog's nails. So had Dog.

Monday, November 01, 2004

A Love of Words

While being interviewed, Jewel said that she has a love of words and this is what drives her to write.

"Now she looked at him, her mouth open, as though to hear better, her eyes digging to know better." John Steinbeck's words

"Milkman's eyes opened wide. He tried hard not to swallow, but the clarion call in Guitar's voice filled his mouth with salt. The same salt that lay in the bottom of the sea and in the sweat of a horse's neck. A taste so powerful and necessary that stallions galloped miles and days for it. It was new, it was delicious, and it was his own. All the tentativeness, doubt, and inauthenticity that plagued him slithered away without a trace, a sound." Toni Morrison's words

anyone have some favourite words you'd like to share?


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