Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I heard the dog growling and wrestling with something in the kitchen. An oven mitt had dropped from in front of the toaster oven. She didn't notice me when I came up behind her to retrieve it.
Next, dog growled and barked at the laundry bag. I remembered using an oven mitt - unsuccessfully - to protect myself from bites while trying to trim dog's nails. So had Dog.

Monday, November 01, 2004

A Love of Words

While being interviewed, Jewel said that she has a love of words and this is what drives her to write.

"Now she looked at him, her mouth open, as though to hear better, her eyes digging to know better." John Steinbeck's words

"Milkman's eyes opened wide. He tried hard not to swallow, but the clarion call in Guitar's voice filled his mouth with salt. The same salt that lay in the bottom of the sea and in the sweat of a horse's neck. A taste so powerful and necessary that stallions galloped miles and days for it. It was new, it was delicious, and it was his own. All the tentativeness, doubt, and inauthenticity that plagued him slithered away without a trace, a sound." Toni Morrison's words

anyone have some favourite words you'd like to share?


I blog; therefore, I am.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Today's Blog

I said I'd blog today.
Woke up. Played with dog.
Had Cheerios for breakfast.
Checked e-mail.
Read a magazine.
Had yogurt for lunch.
I saw the Merry Wives of Windsor this evening. Was a lovely night out.
Saw people in Hallowe'en garb; that was fun.
Went to Shopper's D Mart. They didn't have nail polish remover.
Went in chat room.
Had a soak in the tub. That was almost unremarkable.
Heading for bed.
End of blog.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Scary Stuff

On the news a guy is complaining about C-Difficile bacteria outbreak management. (Any google search will reveal the widespread existence of this organism and the role of antibiotics in it's proliferation.) Not long ago, there was to be a level 3 lab in the northern area of the GTA; this was stopped due to fear of pathogens escaping while being transported. These same pathogens continue to be transported to Manitoba. The situation on earth is ripe for another outbreak not dissimilar to SARS or HIV. Relevent concerns are: people and animals living in close quarters; dormant organisms in tropical forests being uprooted; inadequate resources to contain organisms; increasing movement and spread of people on the planet; inappropriate use of antimicrobials leading to increased virulence of common organisms. Prevention is less intrusive, expensive, and tragic than the alternative. We don't have to like the necessary changes required for prevention, but we do need to implement them now.

Having been following the pitbull ban situation, I am bothered by the impossibility of legislating good judgment and responsible behaviour. I believe very few people are capable of safely managing the breed. Similarly, there are some people who are not capable of raising and providing for young children. An intense emotional desire to have them around is not sufficient, nor is it even necessary. The Children's Aid Society and The Humane Society share common roots and problems. No, children aren't inherently dangerous, but consider the result of a chaotic early life. There will always be pitbulls and other aggressive breeds. Now, owners will be hesitant to bring the black-market pitbulls to vets and obedience trainers. This can't be the fault of the pitbull. I would like to see a life-time ban on animal ownership and child custody for those who abuse or inadequately provide for animals and young children after a first incident. I would also like to see the animal owners and parents of young children held accountable for damage, as though they had inflicted it themselves. On a practical level, I don't believe this is an enforceable solution and I don't see how this could prevent first-time mishaps, which can be tragic. No, good judgment and responsible behaviour can't be legislated, but they can be valued by society and this can be reflected in legislation.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


The guy in the clothing ad in Vanity Fair is hot. He is holding a brown baby bunny. That has to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Power and tenderness in one.
Angelina Jolie is hot. The face is art. Her work as a good will ambassador since her adoption of Maddox is inspiring. Mother love causes one to transcend oneself.
Captain Kirk. Wrestling with aliens. Within and without. In control and out of it at the same time. Always risking.
Data. He is Spock devolving - detachedly examining the possiblity of a capacity for emotion within himself. Programmed only to please, but with a yearning he does not recognize.
Why are the Borg so fearsome? Do we not all want to belong? Have companionship? Have loyalty to a larger cause? Worship the collective spirit? With loss of freedom is comfort from belonging to the pack. Do you choose the red pill or the blue pill? Mortality is achieved by loss of independant and original thought. Loss of self. Reality is rich.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dog Stories

I wish some modern country vet would write some short stories. I'd like Roald Dahl to write some more stories. Better yet, I'd like Roald Dahl to write country vet stories.
I've read everything by James Herriot, and is son. I'm feeling the need for another book of short stories!!!! I like to read one every night before bed. Spider Robinson just doesn't do it for me any more.
Maybe I will have to write some for myself to read - but it's just not the same and my dog is only good for about 10 nights of entertainment - the remainder of the time, she sleeps.
I wonder what my dog dreams about. I'll put dog on the keyboard and see what happens.
gvbf,mfvb,,,,,,,,,,,olv p0occcccccc


Anyone out there understand dog typing? I sure don't, but I do think it looks nice. Good dog!!!
Have some milk bones.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Went shopping today.
Bought pomegranate juice; Cinnabon lip balm; pink dog brush; Philadelphia cream cheese in lite cucumber-dill flavour; Gardennay blended vegetable soup; 3 courtland apples; bok choy; Schneiders no-meat hotdogs; black sesame seeds; a turkey tit; asperagus; zucchini; 2 sweet potatoes; tarragon; 2 lemons; salad in a bag; Organic Meadow yoghurt.
I had supper at Wendys. ?????????????
Dog attacked the brush. I guess dog doesn't like pink.
Lip balm is spicy hot - no wonder the label warns not to put it near your eyes. Do you think someone did that?
I lay on my bed flipping through a magazine. Dog had buried milk bones there. Had first tried to break them in her mouth - soggy gooey milk bones.
I broke milk bones into little bits for dog.
Home is peaceful now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dog Revenge

Gave Dog 3 milkbones. Dog is dancing, putting milk bones on my lap, barking, howling trying to entice me to break them up for her. I am still thinking about skid marks on my duvet cover.


Bird Brains

As I was saying to Fred, I had a couple of cockatiels.
One morning, my main squeeze of the time neared the cage; the birds went beserk. I gave the guy a proper talking to, believing he'd tortured them - they were terrified of him.
Later that evening I saw both birds calmly perched on the side of his hand.
The next morning as I watched him approach the cage, the birds flappped and screeched.
After several episodes, we discovered it was his neckties - particularly diagonally striped ones. Turns out that some birds are instinctively afraid of snakes and snake-like things. After this, we draped ties over the curtain rods to keep the birds from perching there.

One of those Nights

Arrived home late from work. Dog with soft poo-ball mashed into her luxurious wooly white fanny coat was scooting on my duvet in a futile attempt to remove the distressing material. I thought of leaving and re-entering in hopes of viewing a different scene, but the cliche of "things
getting worse when you don't think they can" flashed through my skull. I scooped up dog in a football hold with rear end rostral . After stepping in tub, I pulled the shower head down as I turned the taps: no hot water!!!

The duvet is in the washer; a paper towel and hand lotion dissolved the dog's problem; I am
back into my nightly routine. All is as it should be.


Monday, October 11, 2004


Alas, Olaf has not returned my affections. I must put my pining behind me. So farewell sweet Count Olaf - I'm moving on.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


In My Absinthe

Olaf is hot. Those brows - that nose. I wonder how many degrees of separation there are between us. Where is he now? As I type are his fingers on the keyboard too... oops time for my medication - bbl

A Hottie

Olaf is hot. I fantasize about those brows, that nose. I wonder how many degrees of separation are between us. What he is doing as I type - are his fingers are on his are mine.
Oops time for my meds bbl

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Oct. 6/04 0620

My dog is talking. Thick-tongued melodic sentences punctuated with yawn howls. Had she the knowlege of consonents, perhaps I would understand. She has a story.

I ran last night. Not the orderly march home after work, but movement in the dark,
as though my mind was riding the wind, my legs the earth. Is it like that for the dog?

The words come. They settle themselves on the page. Not mine. Not the dog's. Just words.

To stop the flow, of the dog, of the words, would be to settle them, to allow them to fall.

I wonder. This is writing.