Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I anticipate today to be a great.
The dog has been cuddly and snuggly; she is completely over her snarly post traumatic nail-tip-loss disorder.
I am keeping up with my blogging - my New Year's Resolution. A good way to start the day.
The tread mill has been cleared off and 3 k have been put in. *gasp* Walking home from work is no longer an option due to getting out far too late for far too long. Time to get back to moving.
Job hunting is not going well; I've been sent an application form to apply at the place my friends know I have been considering. I have said it's not ideal but it would be "better". The truth is, I either take courses and stay put; work in the same area with a geography change; take a huge cut in both pay and the opportunity to use my education; quit altogether and do what I want with no income in sight in the short term or work on a casual basis while taking courses toward a career change. Security vs. job satisfaction. Today, I'll be looking at courses and filling out that application form / polishing off the resume and fine-tuning it to fit that job which I truly don't want.
There are 2 packages waiting for me at the post office. This will be the highlight of my day. I'll walk there in a couple of hours - after the post office opens and before the freezing rain starts.
Bank stuff has been fixed, so they say; I am guarded in my anticipation of a statement free of erroneous charges.
I am enjoying all those blogs and I look forward to new entries. I thank the pulchritudinous blog-goddess for encouraging those beautiful words. Yes, I've discovered that dictionary.com also has a thesaurus.
I see that pedicures are the theme of the week. I, being a non-girly girl, have never had one. You all know that even my dog gets them regularly. For those of you who share my messenger addy, there is a picture that is very similar to my toes. Naughty naughty to the person who posted the topic of the day in the chat room: I have it narrowed down to either B or B. By the way, did I tell you that I think naughty is a good thing?
We need to put pressure on our travelling aussie friend to make a blog showing us all those photos she took with her new digicam on her mushing trip. Or, is this like Fred's cat? I've never seen it. Do you think she was really warming her toesies in a log cabin instead of braving the uncommonly warm outdoors of the Yukon?


Pat said...

Enjoy your blog g/f, keep that resolution going.....

Our aussie friend is snoring on my hideabed right now......beside me sorta, kinda.....she and I are so much alike is uncanny......Sam warned her we were........

She won't even turn on the laptop not sure how I can get her blogging, she is here for awhile so we shall see if I can work my miracle. Stay tuned....

Weather here sucks for her, is like home she says with the wind whistling outside, not too sure about the rain tho, don't think they get much of that stuff.

Take care and good luck with the job/school thing.......is hard. I have endless thoughts of making change myself but being broke isn't an option...........*SIGH*


NyteMagic said...

Embrace that NY's resolution! I'm definitely all for it. =)

I wish you luck with your job search...something wonderful will come your way, and regardless, I think education is a terrific thing. Good luck too with your torture device. I personally think they make pretty good clothes hangers, but that's just me. *hehe*

I'm happy to read the bank chit worked out. We all live in fear of that happening so it's nice to see that sometimes it works out as it should.

As for the "girly girl" thing, Pat and I are about as far from that as two gals can get without being...anyway, ask Reetz. She keeps trying to get us to conform but we fight it. =) Have a pedicure someday. Just once...just to say you did. You can even skip the nail colour. It's all about the massage anyway. Give it a go and see what you think. This advice comes from a non-girly girl, who got it from a non-girly girl. We know stuff. =)