Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bank Problems

Okay, so I wasn't going to use this to whine. I have changed my mind.
In the middle of Oct. someone stole my credit card number to purchase some very pricey items. The credit card company charged me $20 for being over the limit and raised my limit. Less than 2 weeks later some more pricey items I didn't buy were added. Immediately after receiving the bill statement, I was assured I would not have to pay charges I didn't make, and that I was to pay only the amount of the purchases I had made. I signed and returned the affidavit they sent me.
In the meantime I contacted all the businesses and utilities which had been instructed to bill my credit card.
This month's statement included interest and the amount I had been told would be removed. Although I was given a new card, the old number remained when I accessed the bank machine to pay what I owed. After a long wait in line I was given a paper receipt for having paid the amount I calculated as being what I owed this month.
Tonight, I put my debit card in the machine; I was unable to make a transaction and the card was not returned to me. Same bank. I phoned. Tomorrow I will have to go to the bank.
If this doesn't resolve, I'll give you the name of the bank. :)

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NyteMagic said...

I hope they get it straightened out to your satisfaction.

Good luck with all of it!