Thursday, December 28, 2006


The curtains are in the background, but they're there: $14. What a deal. They're shower curtains but don't tell anybody.
I finished my Christmas shopping today. This is the advantage of working over the holidays and celebrating later.
Two more days of work then off for a few. I sure hope these are good ones because I'm still getting over the lurgy. It most likely was pertussis - as my sister-in-law says "it's like coughing up a lung". I wonder if dogs can catch it.
Seasons greetings to all. Peace, happiness and good will.

Friday, December 08, 2006

bestest blog

Do you see me? Are you there?
What colour are your eyes and hair?
Do you blog in winter snow?
or summer sun? I want to know.

The bestest blog is yours for sure
where all your midnight thoughts endure.
You capture moments on the page
and think you're such a witty sage.

So if you do and if you dare
Enter my seductive lair.
I'll trap you fast and drain you slow.
What once was you, you'll never know.

OK. Alright, my honoured one.
Did google pull you in for fun?
Or did green fairies whisper soft
to toss your blogging brain aloft?

Come stir me, shake me with your words.
Challenge me with letter swords.
Grant me prose for all my slog
then link me to your famous blog.

Catching Up

the white space is desolate
starving for words
as is the space inside my skull
Inner rumblings only I can feel
Thought alone does not satisfy.
Font is the appetizer, letters tumbling onto the page stirred by tapping fingers and words become the tools of thought. The bouquet of story is manifested by language. To write, to dream no more - for in that hypnotic wake of writing is the stuff of life.
I'm back.