Friday, January 20, 2006

In My Mind

So hard to go back to work after having been off for a bit, but will be doing so this afternoon. Such a shame too. Going up to 11 degrees.
The mutt pulled the innards from her favourite toy and spread them across the apt. Don't know what she was thinking. At least she didn't eat any of it. She's on a raw food diet. She spat out the little bones. My mother would say she's full of beans.
I'm considering getting basic cable so I won't miss any of the American Idol and Canadian Idol shows - somebody stop me!!!!!! First I will look for a way to get the signal from either the tv or the antenna to the video recorder.
My keyboard reaches the treadmill console - there are healthy possibilities. Store the table? Add a nice big bookshelf?
I am relieved to see that tropical cyclone Daryl will bypass my friends in Port Hedland in Western Australia. I understand that tropical cyclone Peta is still in Vancouver.

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