Saturday, February 04, 2006

Feb. 3

Nothing remarkable happened in the last few days. I enjoy the Blog Goddess's site and figured I had better get cracking since she's the one who introduced me to this wonderous universe. I'll start with yesterday.
I usually go to Second Cup - great coffee, good services, calm atmosphere. Yesterday I went to Starbucks. I wanted a small decaf latte with skim milk. Well wouldn't you know that was a foreign language. I looked at the cup sizes the perky Starbuckian pointed to. Okay, tall = small. Then there was the skim milk, properly known as "nofat". My latte was put in a paper cup - everyone else had ceramic. I guess I'm only a tourist. I sat at the "bar" because the tables were taken by laptoppers. The 3 staff with high-pitched squeaky voices screeched phrases like "no foam grande vanilla latte" to eachother above the music that I would have otherwise enjoyed. The louder of the three ended each utterance with a higher-pitched cadence. The latte was bitter. Like, am I getting old, or what?

1. Who is/was the most influential person in your life, and why?

My parents - provided the genes, the environment and the socialization.

2. Your favourite toy as a child?

A stuffed dog with a plastic face. It looked like a collie and I called her "Lassie". My mother put her in the trash after having repaired her several times. I still ache at that.

3. Your favourite toy as an adult?

Do I have to name him? Okay okay, I'm using the toy right now

4. Who was your first crush? You don't have to name names.

Little Joe on Ponderosa

5. Remember back to the first time you had sex. Was it all you hoped it would be? (sex with yourself doesn't count)

Self-inflicted doesn't count? How about self- inflicted with a bumbling partner?

6. Do you still know that person?

Never really did

7. Can you name all six Brady kids? In order? No cheating!

No, but I can name the 7 dwarfs and the 12 nuclei of the amygdala :P

8. Have you ever wanted somebody you couldn't have? Celebrities don't count!

Is Little Joe, as a tv character, considered a celebrity?

9. Did that person know?

Seriously, of course not. Why start trouble?

10. Has somebody ever wanted but couldn't have you?


11. How many serious relationships have you had?

Romantic ones, 3
Friends, many more

12. Which one is best for you, marriage or common-law?

How about non-cohabitating, my ideal.
Never marriage - a handfasting would be better and so would a contract.
To me the only way to "live in sin" is through oppression or hypocrisy.

13. From a list of your friends, pick a quality from each that you wish you had.

This is far too personal to post here

14. If I could start my life over again, I would....(finish the sentence)

Never have been a nurse

15. Will you hire a hit man to "off" the person who sent this to you?

I always do my own dirty work ;)


If I could have any 6 creatures, living or non-living, fictional or non-fictional over for dinner, whom would they be and why?

My answer changes with my mood and my interests. Sometimes I think it would be good to have Lt. Worf beat the living crap out of some real-world tyrant. Other times it would be those with great minds in order to watch the debate; Feynman and Einstein. Dinner music would be nice: Perlman and Heifetz or perhaps Callas, Houston, Patinkin and Terfel - toss in Mozart, Tatum and Horowitz.
Sometimes it's sentimental: dead relatives. Having the chance to meet someone I would never otherwise be able to: Bugs Bunny or Julius Ceasar (or "Little Joe").

Today I say:
Buff the Beagle and Ralph the shepherd/husky because I would like them to have met.
The source, god, .......whatever you call it. I expect there to be an empty chair there.
The "Q" continuum - an omnipotent being and the Loki component. Atticus Finch - To temper Q who is morally challenged. Captain Kirk - because losing is not an option and he's such a sexpot.

To continue with my Feb. 3:

I went to The Carrot Common. I found Manuka honey. Organic bananas are much more tasty. They had organic valencia peanut butter - in glass, not plastic.
They had wild BC sockeye salmon - I'm going back next week to get some.

I went to Home Hardware. I used to like Canadian Tire until Home Depot forced them to carry only popular items - no more obscure doo-dads to be found. The staff of both are no help.
Home Hardware teaches me useful stuff so I can continue to be a self-reliant person.