Friday, March 11, 2005


I didn't know I was capable of falling asleep in a sitting position. According to my collegues it was REM sleep - eyelids fluttering in an aparantly paralyzed vessel. Had I slept for more than 3 hours (the neighbour's cat was in heat last night; my dog swore loudly in response), my behaviour would have been the same. A very uninspiring self-gratifying performer presented with a pathology more evident than the "research" backing the topic of the conference. An unrequested encore consisted of said presenter in full critical-parent ego state admonishing our working group for not confronting one member who "disrupted" the group by discreetly attending to a delicate and private matter in the washroom. Clearly the presenter was demonstrating ideas of reference.
Work was chaotic, requiring a closing of all public areas in order to restore the peace.
Tomorrow, we begin again. I don't believe I am being resistive in not doing my homework. I need some sleep.
I will finish the tale tomorrow.

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