Saturday, March 26, 2005

Live and Let Die

Bravo to the husband. I only hope that those who know my wishes have the courage to carry them out if I do not have to ability to do so myself. Let it be known that I believe the most horrible, evil, selfish thing that can be done is to project and impose one's values, self, ideas, lifestyle on others. I may not agree with others. I try my utmost not to trample on the choices of others and hope I may have the opportunity to support others in things I may not believe in for myself. I do not believe in absolutes. I believe right and wrong are subjective ideals. If I choose not to live it, I walk away from it. Yes, there are times to stand up and I hold myself accountable for determining when, and how I behave in this regard. I cannot and do not wish to speak for others. I make mistakes;I change my mind and my behaviour. This is an ongoing process and evolution. Please do not attempt to prevent me from making my own choices.

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brad said...

Thank you Cathy for sharing your thoughts and considerations on this sensitive topic.
One can only truly understand when they are in the situation and each situation is different.
You have definately created some food for thought for your readers.