Saturday, March 12, 2005


Moving on to something other than the conference. My nephews and my brother left a voice mail message of "happy b-day". Cards and treats were great - even got one from the dog. Too bad I have to work tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll be thrown in the shower or roasted in a similar manner. Is this fear justified? No, but it is understandable given that it has happened to me when I was a student. I have an urge to withdraw. I will try an opposite action to allay the fear by arriving at work early (private joke for conference members). Maybe the colourist will take pity on me and squeeze me in tomorrow morning (I still have those roots). I need to get caught up on some of these activities of daily living.


NyteMagic said...
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NyteMagic said...

It works again! =)

WB! It's so nice to read you again!

Happy Birthday!! I hope it rocked!


CMD said...

you live in canada...thats so cool