Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Up Early

I woke early in anticipation of zoo day. I go for the exercise, the camera practice, my love of animals. What I do at work is intense and stressful. The camera provides a balance, helping me to be as focused, kind and present as possible. It doesn't always happen that way but it is an ongoing project.

I'm aching to go into the bush with the camera and a compass, but in winter it's not such a good idea until I get inserts for my hiking boots. Rather than winter boots I chose the hikers 'cause they're absolutely waterproof. Still like new, they have served me well for 10 years. Thing is, I spilled liquid laundry detergent into one of them last spring - and forgot about it! The insert, insole, whatever you call it was ruined. Can't wear the boot without it.
Last evening while at work I called shoes stores and sports stores - very hard to describe the thingamajigger that goes there - can't buy these objects online: they need to be tried in the boots. Store clerks are scary - they all have everything I've ever wanted in-stock and on-sale, if only I would venture into the store...My two best bets are Sporting Life at Yonge and Eg and Marks Work Wearhouse/Coast Mountain-Sportcheck in the Eaton Centre; it's too bad the two places aren't closer to eachother. I may try downtown first after returning from the zoo because I don't want to walk around Y&E in the rain.
It's now 0710 and I need to get mobile in order to get to do the whole circuit before the rain starts.

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