Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Okay, there's precipitation again on my day off - had a dentist appt or I would have gone to the zoo in the am - at least you can go in the pavillions with the camera while the weather is not suitable. The guy who said the D300 came bundled with bad weather wasn't joking...
Went out in the hall looking for something to shoot. BooBoo the hall cat, a good expressive standby, took off when the neighbours' dog came in. The dog was far too close for the lens I was using and the owners wanted inside so I only managed to get a couple in. Outside it was snowing so I could only stand in the doorway because I'm not yet ready to shoot through a hole in a plastic bag with the new camera, but if this weather keeps up I just may take the D40 and get out there anyway.
Looking at tripods. I'm still in denial, thinking I don't need one. Perhaps the monopod will be like the D40: something to show me that, in the end, I should just take the leap.
Looking forward to the weekend because I plan to go down to the lake with the camera, and I will no matter the weather...

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