Friday, June 03, 2005

What's It All For?

While slugging home I was day dreaming about what all this exertion and time loss is for. A fitness club membership? Now that's ironic.
To get in better shape? What for? Then I read the Penguin (John Bingham)'s article about the gargoyle on your shoulder that doesn't let you enjoy things for their own sake - the "voice" that tells you it's for nothing, or you didn't do it well.
What I am enjoying is the camraderie of the work place. We don't know who our team members are yet (for the fitness challenge); in spite of competing for big prizes the atmosphere is one of support and cooperation. I am also enjoying the movement of my body, the feel of my muscles working, the floaty dissociation during longer workouts. And food sure tastes good. Icing my legs is bliss.
Who knows what it's all for? Who cares? I'm enjoying the trip.

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brad said...

What's it all for you say!
Maybe it is just the chance to get together with some other people and share an experience, something we do not do enough of anymore.
Nothing beats a bit of physical exercise to take away the stresses of a day.
Enjoy and don't worry about why or what.