Thursday, June 02, 2005


I took a taxi to work to get the distance right. 3.71 K Not 5 K omg I have to change all those training logs. It feels like 10 K. Maybe the distance from work to home is bigger than the distance from home to work!
Everyone at work is stiff and sore - and we all move like sloths. Had to get up for an emergency and we hobbled in like Pokeys. The cause for some is the "celebrity work-out" that involves 5 min. of lunges. For me it was the karate stance held for something under a minute, but I must add that I did this several times. What the heck do I need karate conditioning for? My dog is 5 lb. and I live next to a home for the aged.

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NyteMagic said...

Y' me if it's further than the walk to my car it might as well be 5K.

Your closing line was just too funny! =)