Sunday, June 05, 2005


So I'm slogging home with a nice rhythm, in spite of the wobbling my back-pack is doing. SMACK! The zipper undoes and my jar of oven roasted no salt, no oil, peanuts hits the pavement. I had been looking forward to sprinkling a few on my nightly salad. Although I was close to Sobeys, this was no comfort; I had bought the peanuts on my nightly treck to the Danforth Shopper's D - they had been on sale. Glass throughout my stuff. Sidewalk dirt on my things.
Almonds on my radish/gr. pepper/romaine/radish root/red pepper/herbie vinegrette drsg. concoction are just not same.

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NyteMagic said...

Careful, GF...stories like that can reduce me to tears! =)

Your salad sounds absolutely yummy, even with almonds. I love almonds.

I am sorry about your loss and the inconvenience.