Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Went shopping today.
Bought pomegranate juice; Cinnabon lip balm; pink dog brush; Philadelphia cream cheese in lite cucumber-dill flavour; Gardennay blended vegetable soup; 3 courtland apples; bok choy; Schneiders no-meat hotdogs; black sesame seeds; a turkey tit; asperagus; zucchini; 2 sweet potatoes; tarragon; 2 lemons; salad in a bag; Organic Meadow yoghurt.
I had supper at Wendys. ?????????????
Dog attacked the brush. I guess dog doesn't like pink.
Lip balm is spicy hot - no wonder the label warns not to put it near your eyes. Do you think someone did that?
I lay on my bed flipping through a magazine. Dog had buried milk bones there. Had first tried to break them in her mouth - soggy gooey milk bones.
I broke milk bones into little bits for dog.
Home is peaceful now.


Pat said...

Have you ever thought about writing a boook about your dog escapades? Would be a reading your posts.


NyteMagic said...

Yes...I found the password! *whew!

I would have eaten at Wendy's too...that grocery list sounds like more than enough healthy choices for one day! =)

And yes...some clown likely did do the eye/lip balm thing. I'm sure it was the same one who prompted the "don't use blow-drier while showering" warning.

Turkey tit? Was it labeled that way? lol