Wednesday, October 20, 2004


The guy in the clothing ad in Vanity Fair is hot. He is holding a brown baby bunny. That has to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Power and tenderness in one.
Angelina Jolie is hot. The face is art. Her work as a good will ambassador since her adoption of Maddox is inspiring. Mother love causes one to transcend oneself.
Captain Kirk. Wrestling with aliens. Within and without. In control and out of it at the same time. Always risking.
Data. He is Spock devolving - detachedly examining the possiblity of a capacity for emotion within himself. Programmed only to please, but with a yearning he does not recognize.
Why are the Borg so fearsome? Do we not all want to belong? Have companionship? Have loyalty to a larger cause? Worship the collective spirit? With loss of freedom is comfort from belonging to the pack. Do you choose the red pill or the blue pill? Mortality is achieved by loss of independant and original thought. Loss of self. Reality is rich.


brad said...

Angelina Jolie - WOW! You got that one right, she is one HOT babe.

So many questions Cathy! Where are the answers?

Cathy said...

The answers are in your self.

brad said...

Way to deep for me to think about after a long day at work. The answers will come to me, they always do :)

Cathy said...

yea Angelina is hot!!!

Pat said...

Don't you guys sleep? lol

These thoughts are deep and quite interesting.........Cathy you should write you enjoy doing this?


brad said...

In a moment of contemplation and self reflection the answers came but alas they went again.

NyteMagic said...

I am on my way to the mountains of Tibet to meet with a wise and chilly guru. I seek the answers to these questions because knowledge is power and power is gooooood. I shall carry with me the Vanity Fair photo, not because it needs explanation or interpretation, but just because yeahhhhhhhh...that's sexy. =)