Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dog Stories

I wish some modern country vet would write some short stories. I'd like Roald Dahl to write some more stories. Better yet, I'd like Roald Dahl to write country vet stories.
I've read everything by James Herriot, and is son. I'm feeling the need for another book of short stories!!!! I like to read one every night before bed. Spider Robinson just doesn't do it for me any more.
Maybe I will have to write some for myself to read - but it's just not the same and my dog is only good for about 10 nights of entertainment - the remainder of the time, she sleeps.
I wonder what my dog dreams about. I'll put dog on the keyboard and see what happens.
gvbf,mfvb,,,,,,,,,,,olv p0occcccccc


Anyone out there understand dog typing? I sure don't, but I do think it looks nice. Good dog!!!
Have some milk bones.


NyteMagic said...
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NyteMagic said...

Anyone can see that it means, "where are my damn Milk Bones!"

So you did good. =)



matty said...

My dog had the exact same dream!

Whoa! And my dog's an American (liberal) dog. That's so funny it's the same language.