Friday, December 08, 2006

bestest blog

Do you see me? Are you there?
What colour are your eyes and hair?
Do you blog in winter snow?
or summer sun? I want to know.

The bestest blog is yours for sure
where all your midnight thoughts endure.
You capture moments on the page
and think you're such a witty sage.

So if you do and if you dare
Enter my seductive lair.
I'll trap you fast and drain you slow.
What once was you, you'll never know.

OK. Alright, my honoured one.
Did google pull you in for fun?
Or did green fairies whisper soft
to toss your blogging brain aloft?

Come stir me, shake me with your words.
Challenge me with letter swords.
Grant me prose for all my slog
then link me to your famous blog.

1 comment:

S.R. Zalesny said...

Your poem is fun. I am in awe of anyone who can attempt, and does produce poetry. Keep it up.