Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I signed up for the game "24" in which each person has to log in daily and declare having done an hour of physical activity. Every week there is a task for every individual to complete. There are 24 members per team. If any member does not log in, the team goes back to the last day all team members did log in. The goal is to have 24 consecutive days on which all team members log in their hour of activity. The team with the most hours at the end of the 24 days wins. Now you have the background.

A friend and I joined as individuals to be assigned to a team. We ended up a group competing against my workplace's team. Today there was a group send of revised rules. It listed the name of a close friend. On the workplace team - the competition. This makes it delightfully more fun.

Tomorrow is my day off - what to do - it will be over 40 C with the humidex. As much as I'd like to go to Canadian Tire I think I'll stay inside. I'm up all night in order to finish all the little tasks I have assigned myself. Tomorrow I will take a day for myself. I will wake up naturally and read blogs over coffee. I'll do some more writing. Then back into bed to read - the ultimate luxury. Next will be my 24 hour activity. Clean the bathroom while doing laundry. Remove the shower curtain rod which has loosened due to the wall having shifted. Repair the hole with screen and Polyfilla. Put up one of those expandable removable all-purpose rods. Vacuum. Dust. Wash the dog.

I bought the first season of "Boston Legal" last week. Next to "Six Feet Under" it's my favourite treadmill DVD. I enjoy that kind of humour - no sit coms for me.

Canadian Idol is this week. I'm happy to have a day off to watch it. I've tried to figure why I like it so much. Why so many people like it. No idea. I do know many who'd welcome an old folks' idol. How about us? C'mon Simon - think of the money you'll make. How about Lloyd Robertson as the host? It's a sure hit.


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