Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Day

After a long blog-block I have been inspired by a fellow blogger: since I do better with fiction, here is how my fantasy day went.

Birds sky sun waves, biting breeze of autumn all sought to wake me. Dog lept upon my chest; dropped a bone. Looking down, she had a questioning expression: will you soften my nylabone so I can chew it? How much of her universe - of my universe - does she control? I lay scratching furry velvet as dog contentedly immersed herself in chewland.

Sipping latte and popping blackberries. Birds spiral toward the sea. So many possibilites in a new day.

I went hiking. Ran with zebras; petted lemurs; danced with ostriches. The mind is a wonderful place to be while the the body travels.

I lay on the sofa reading my favourite books as I nodded off, then awoke again to blog.

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